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      "A tough, fearless and savvy federal criminal defense attorney."

      A tough, fearless and savvy federal criminal defense attorney. A wise judge once said that the criminal justice system can be like a fast-moving freight train - the only justice you can hope to get is the justice your criminal defense attorney gets for you. Thus, you must pick your criminal defense lawyer very carefully. There is no room for "another" error in judgment! Mr. Azzarello's entire focus is to get you "off the train" with little or no damage. I went onto the train with a charge of conspiracy to pass counterfeit bills, I came off the train with a dismissal of the case. I can personally attest to his ability to get results.

      Joseph A.
      "Excellent attorney"

      Excellent attorney - broad experience as both AUSA and defense attorney.

      Martindale Reviewer

      Professional. Quality. Responsiveness. Value.

      Brent S.
      "He is a tireless and zealous advocate"

      John and I have worked together on a Federal White-Collar Criminal matter. John has an amazing knowledge of federal criminal law and procedure, and an uncanny ability to formulate innovative and effective solutions to his clients' dilemmas. He is a tireless and zealous advocate and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I look forward to working with him again.

      J.L. Attorney at Law
      "His commitment to excellence cannot be replicated."

      John Whipple is an amazing attorney. Not only is he brilliant, but he takes a genuine interest in his clients' well-being. When I received a subpoena to appear before a Federal Grand Jury, he not only helped me understand the process, but worked to make sure I never had to testify. He is well versed in the law and in federal procedures. John has an amazing grasp of the landscape and culture of the federal court system. If I had to pick an attorney 100 times, I would pick John every single time. Don't gamble with your future, your freedom, or your reputation. If you are facing a legal issues, retain John immediately. His commitment to excellence cannot be replicated.

      James B.